Qurb Original

$29.99 + s&h

Qurb is a revolutionary weight management shot containing scientifically tested ingredients, designed to help you Eat Less, Slim Down and Perk Up!*


Each bottle contains 10g of Fibersol 2 which has been shown to reduce hunger and increase the levels of two key appetite regulating hormones*. Qurb also contains 400mg of Svetol, Premium Green Coffee Bean Extract. Svetol contains at least 50% chlorogenic acids, which when taken consistently, are known for their Lipolytic (slimming effect) properties.*

Qurb has just enough Caffeine to give you an energy boost without the jitters, and is sweetened naturally with Stevia. Qurb does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Take either between or during meals to help “Qurb” Cravings and give your Will-Power!(TM)


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