Qurb PM

$29.99 + s&h

Qurb PM is a revolutionary caffeine free, weight management shot containing scientifically tested ingredients, designed to help you Eat Less, Slim Down and Relax!*


Each bottle contains 10g of Fibersol 2 which has been shown to reduce hunger and increase the levels of two key appetite regulating hormones*. Qurb also contains 400mg of Svetol, Premium Green Coffee Bean Extract. Svetol contains at least 50% chlorogenic acids, which when taken consistently, are known for their Lipolytic (slimming effect) properties.*

Qurb PM also contains 100mg of Theanine which studies have shown can help you relax!* Qurb PM is sweetened naturally with Stevia and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Take in the evenings to help “Qurb” those late night Cravings! Give your Will-Power!(TM).. and Relax*


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